Are you guilty of consuming "hidden calories"?

How to avoid hidden calories

A short blog post today, but a very important one, which I thought I needed to write down and make people aware of.

A lot of people who are looking to lose body fat are falling in to this horrible hidden calorie trap. They have their exercise training plan all laid out, follow it to the letter, have a nutrition plan set out which they follow but they still find they can't shift the pounds. They get frustrated and some people quit their fat loss journey because they don;t see the results, which they should be getting with all the hard work they are putting.

One of the most basic rules of fat loss is calories in vs calories out. You want to consume less calories than your body needs to achieve this. Now when you are dieting you have to be spot on with the amount of calories you are consuming, and if you are falling in to this hidden diet trap you will struggle to achieve your goals.

Now the term “hidden calories” is defined as calories that you don't realize are there.

Here are some examples of hidden calories:

  • Three cubes of feta cheese on your salad adds up to 140 calories

  • Two tablespoons of mayonnaise is 200 calories

  • Two pats of butter on your toast is 70 calories

  • Two tablespoons of olive oil used for cooking adds up to 240 calories

So you see small, small amounts of food there, but they add up and can make a serious dent in your calorie budget for the day. For example you could go out to eat a restaurant, order a healthy meal but they chef may over indulge when using olive oil on your dressing or whatever and you could be consuming an extra 200 calories that you don't even realize you are eating.

The only true way to avoid this hidden calorie trap is to prepare all your meals yourself. Know what you are consuming, so you can truly track all your macro nutrients and calories throughout the day to achieve your goals. Consuming hidden calories will only delay your goals and stop you from achieving the body of your dreams, so with a bit of preparation and fore thought you can do this.

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Posted on December 13, 2014 and filed under Bodybuilding diet, Body building, Fat loss foods, Fat loss tips.