Which body type are you and how does this effect your training and diet?

There are three body types or somatotypes to describe how an individuals body is built, people are generally are a mixture of these somatotypes but may land nearer to one somatotype. While the endomorph could be considered the polar opposite of the ectomorph, many people are a combination of "endo/meso" or "ecto/meso.".

These are somatotypes are classed as endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. The way in which our bodies are designed greatly effect which sports and activities we are good and bad at, they also effect how well your body utilises carbohydrates.



The ectomorph has a slender physique. Usually they have very delicate bone structure,small shoulders and chests. They also have a fast metabolism, which burns a lot of calories. Ectomorph body types find it hard to gain muscle mass due to their fast metabolism.

Ectomorph's will find it easy to get lean due to their faster metabolism. To prevent muscle wastage, they will need to have a higher calorific intake, ideally from carbohydrates.

Recommendations for an ectomorph is to consume a higher intake of carbohydrates (30-60%) of total calories, so depending on goals, muscle building, maintenance or fat loss, you should have a higher carbohydrate intake to increase lean mass, whilst lower carbohydrate intake will help to burn body fat.

A predominantly ectomorphic individual is slender, long and thin, so power and strength sports are perhaps not suitable as their more fragile frame leaves them more prone to injuries. While they can easily get lean and show muscle definition, their lack of muscle on their frame severely limits their chances in sports requiring mass. Ectomorph's dominate endurance sports and gymnastics.

Sports Benefits

  • Light, smaller frame makes them suited for aerobic activity like gymnastics

  • Ectomorph's have a smaller body surface area increases their suitability for endurance activity

  • Ectomorph's are better at thermo regulation, which is important in endurance based sports


The mesomorph body type tend to be muscular, strong, athletic, broad shoulders, dense bone structure and they have well defined muscles. Mesomorphs sit in between the balance of body types, being able to gain muscle and lose body fat easily.

Mesomorphs can consume a moderate amount of carbohydrates, which stems from their ability to store muscle glycogen fairly well. It is possible for them to become over weight if they consume a high amount of carbohydrates and increase their calorific intake to a higher level.

It is advisable for mesomorphs to stick to the mid level ranges of carbohydrate intake, between 20-50% of their total calorie needs. To gain muscle mass ideally mesomorphs should consume 40-50% of the calorie needs a day from carbs. For maintenance, 30-40% . For fat loss a lower carbohydrate intake should be consumed, around 20-30% should be ok.

The mesomorph shines in sports due to possessing the ability to have strength, agility, and speed. They have medium structure and height, coupled with their tendency to gain muscle and strength easily makes them ideal candidates to be top athletes in any sport. They can maintain low body fat levels and can easily lose and gain weight.

Sports Benefits

  • Good and both resistance training and cardiovascular activities

  • Able to maintain low body fat levels

  • All muscle groups can be used to derive positive training adoption

  • Depending on the needs of the sport they are playing, they can easily gain or lose weight


The endomorph has softer body type than the rest. Usually they have a rounded or pear-shaped body, shorter arms and legs, a stocky build and a slow metabolism.

Endomorph's find it easy to put on muscle but they also find it easy to put on body fat. To much carbohydrate in an endomorph's diet will most likely end up as being stored as fat, which will make it hard for them to lose that body fat and get lean.

Due to storing excess carbohydrates as fat, endomorph's should consume a lower amount of carbohydrates from their total calorific needs, about 10-40% depending on what their goals are. For fat loss 10-20% of carbs, for maintenance 20-30%, and to gain mass about 30-40%.

An endomorph's mass gets in the way of their ability to compete in sports requiring high levels of agility or speed and perform sustained weight bearing aerobic activities such as running. Sports like power lifting, are perfect for an endomorph due to them being about pure strength. Endomorph's can gain weight easily and lose condition rapidly if training and exercise stops.

Sports Benefits

  • An endomorph's size benefits sports such as rugby where bulk is useful, provided it can be moved powerfully

  • Endomorph's tend to have a large lung capacity which can make them suited to sports such as rowing

  • Better at putting on muscle mass than ectomorphs

ABS and Body types

This infographic is also beneficial for women as well. Some interesting info, i will let you digest the info from the image.



Figure out which body type you are and see if you are really playing to your strengths or if you are battling against your somatype and forging a new path.

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