How to make the perfect Pre-workout shake

This week i decided to experiment with a different pre-workout drink. I decided on purchasing Arnold's Iron Pump.

This is not a product review, i will throw that on the blog soon, i just wanted to share this recipe with you.

Usually pre-workout drinks are ready to go, just add water.But something was missing for me and i decided to play around with ingredients and products to make it better suited to my needs.

After a few tries I nailed it, it tasted amazing and mixed well and the effects were 10/10 BOOOOOM!!!!!

The Recipe

  • 250ml of Pineapple juice ( juice flavour could depend on which flavour of the Iron Pump you went for).
  • 250ml of water
  • 1 scoop of Iron Pump
  • 5g of glutamine
  • 5g of creatine monohydrate

The pineapple juice allowed the drink to be shuttled to my muscles quickly do the fast realease sugars/carbs.

Glutamine for more muscle repair during my training

I added the creatine because it helps with building muscle and strength.

I find these products work for me, you may not like them, but give it a go, you may like the combination.

You don't have to put the creatine in there if you don't want to, you could put some BCAA's in there as well to help with muscle repair. This recipe tasted great and really gave me what i was looking for, which was a great muscle pump and energy throughout my workout.

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Image credit - Health Gauge