The Ultimate beginners guide to losing weight

This is THE ultimate beginners guide to weight loss. It is a 6 week plan covering:

  • measuring body fat

  • taking body measurements

  • setting S.M.A.R.T goals

  • Training plan

  • Key exercise tips

  • A meal plan

  • supplements

This guide will be in 4 parts so keep tuned to get part 2 coming soon.


If you do some research or ask ask a lot of experienced gym goers about how they've been able to acheive their results you'll get a lot of different, confusing responses which you might not understand or evenknow how to begin to approach doing it yourself. Some may say stick to weight training, or pure cardio, or crossfit, to go paleo , carb cycle, to count your macros, and the list goes on. If it sounds confusing, that's because it is.

This blog post is to help push you in the right direction and get you results. It will be a challenge for you but I promise the rewards are worth it.

The infographic image produces some quite worrying statistics on obesity, which shows the importance of staying fit, healthy and eating right.



What works?

Well, when you are new to working out, the answer is everything.

You will be putting your body under new stresses it hasn't felt before, so it will be forced to adapt. Training, of nearly any kind, is going to help beginners add muscle and burn fat. With that knowledge in place, where should we begin?




The starters block

The place to start is to get some measurements of your body so we can gauge results later on, this will help to keep you motivated as you will be literally be able to see the results in front of you.

So to begin with I would suggest getting a body fat reading with skin fold callipers to get a reading, these are quite accurate and you get a good reading considering how cheap they are.

Below is a vid showing how to use the callipers. Grab a friend and get measuring :)

I would also take measurements of your waist, chest, thighs with a tape measure to track your weight loss, this is another great, cheap method to keep track of your results.


You use SMART goals

SMART stands for:

S- specific

Be very specific on what goals you want to accomplish, such as lose 6lbs of body fat.

M - measurable

How are you going to measure losing 6 lbs of body fat. Are you going to use a Skin fold calliper test?, weight scales? decide on a method and stick to it.

A - achieveable

Can you accomplish this goal? Keep a gym diary to help you log your workouts and thoughts. Write how many times you will go to the gym a week and stick to it.

R - realistic

Is this a realistic goal for you? A realistic goal is setting a 1-2 lbs of fat loss a week, losing 6lbs every week isn't.

T - time.

Give your self a time to complete your goal by.

Image credit - MandoBarista

Image credit - MandoBarista

So now you know what SMART goal setting is we are going to break down your main goal of losing 6lbs over the 6 weeks, by breaking it into smaller chunks to help motivate you and to help you stick to your plan.

To do this you need to break your goal into a short goal, medium goal and the long term goal.

For each of these you need to write a SMART plan for each of them.

  • Short term goal is 1-2 weeks

  • Medium term goal is 3-4 weeks

  • Long term goal is 5-6 weeks

So you need to break down your main goal into this 6 week plan , lets stick to the 10 lb pounds of fat loss.

  • Short goal - lose 2lbs over 2 weeks

  • Medium goal - lose another 2 lbs

  • Long goal - lose 2 lbs over 4 weeks remaining

By setting a realistic goal of losing 1lb a week, you are setting a realistic goal, which will help motivate you, as you will continue to see results throughout the 12 weeks. If you lose more, that's great, if you don't losing 1lb a week is great :)

Below is a S.M.A.R.T goal template sheet, which is quite useful to have pinned up, so you can kep constant tabs on your goals.

Image credit -, TheLeanMachines

Image credit -, TheLeanMachines