The Definitive Booty-Boosting Workout from Kardashian Trainer Gunnar Peterson

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I came across a really good step-by-step glute workout, which i wanted to share with you. It's called The Definitive Booty-Boosting Workout from Kardashian Trainer Gunnar Peterson. This from the site. The interview was by by Lindsey Sirera and Lindsay Caldwell. I am including the whole segment here so you can view it in one place.

The Definitive Booty-Boosting Workout from Kardashian Trainer Gunnar Peterson

We're well aware that last year was the year of the booty, with the likes of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda," Meghan Trainor's trendy "All About That Bass" and, well, that Kim Kardashian  magazine cover serving as big reminders as to why the behind reigned strong. And if 2014 wasn't your booty's year, then fear not—we've got five step-by-step exercises to solve that problem stat.

Image credit Earl McGehee (modified)

Image credit Earl McGehee (modified)

Straight from Khloé Kardashian's trainer Gunnar Peterson, here's exactly how to boost your booty from flat to fab in no time. And Peterson's results are full proof: Have you seen Khloe's flawless backside? It's better (and bigger) than ever. Now read on and find out how to tone your bum, fast!

Side lunge with medicine ball rotation: "Standing tall with a medicine ball at your bellybutton, if 12 o'clock is directly ahead of you, step with your right foot toward 3 o'clock and tap the medball outside your foot, back by the heel. Return to start position and step to 9 o'clock with your left foot, and tap the medball outside the left foot. Go back to the starting position and repeat to the right then left again. Continue until you have completed 16 to 24 reps."

Skorcher bridge: "Position your shoulders on an ottoman and your feet on the bed so the hips sink lower than the shoulder (it's key for glute firming, and better than when done on the floor). Bridge hips up and flex your glutes. Do three sets of 25 reps."

Squat with crossover step: "With weight on shoulders— using Barbells, dumbbells, sandbags, etc.—do a squat, then do a crossover step to the right. Squat again, do a crossover step to the left, then squat again. Repeat until you complete 16 reps total."

Advancing woodchops: "Hold a medball by your left ear standing with your feet together. Step out with your right leg as you aggressively swing the medball in a wide arching circle out down and around towards your right ankle. Then step in with your left foot and bring the medball back to the start position. Repeat for 10 reps, then head back in the opposite direction, doing 10 reps again. You can do this in place as well but doing them moving challenges your balance system and core more."

Squat to jump squat matrix: "Do 10 body weight squats. Follow immediately with 5 jump squats. Rest 60 seconds. Repeat. Rest 45 seconds, repeat. Rest 30 seconds, repeat. Then you can lie down and curse me…"

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