My 9 Favourite Supplements to Lose Weight

Hi guys,

I may have shared some of these items in my past blogs but I thought it would be useful for you all to have everything in one place. Below are the supplements which i think are best for when you want to lose weigh, drop body fat and look leaner. Please feel free to share your favourite fat loss supplements in the comments section.

  • Whey Protein - Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein. Whey protein after workouts will help you to hang onto the muscle you have, which you may lose due to you being in a clorie defecit. This is my favourite Whey Protein, it is good quality, i feel my recovery is a lot quicker after workouts and it tastes good., you can't ask for more than that.
  • BCAA's - BSN Amino X. I like to use this product when i do my cardio as it helps to spare muscle being used for fuel. The more muscle you have the more calories you can burn at rest. lso i like to sip on it during the day the amino acids help recovery after workouts.
  • Vitamins - Optimen, Optimum Nutrition. This is a good solid Multivitamin to cover your bases. If you are a calorie defecit, you may not be getting enough nutrients which your body needs and i have found this product really does make a difference and it improves my well being, which is more than worth the price tag in my opinion.
  • Fish Oil - Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil. There is a reason why i have included quite a few Optimum Nutrition products here, it's becuase they may good solid products that work and this one is no different. Fish oil is important to improve you cholesterol, encourages healthy bones and enhances your mood.
  • L-Glutamine - Bulk Supplements Pure L - Glutamine powder. Again we are looking at products that protect your muscles from breaking down, which can happen when you are losing weight. I go through a lot of L - Glutamine, so i like to buy it in bulk, so this 1kg bag will last a while. Great product for cutting weight.
  • Green Tea - This green tea is great as is cheap, it keeps me energised, without getting the jitters and it is also a great fat burner.
  • Fat Burner - Animal Cuts. This is a great product, one of the best i have used. The cool thing about this product is that one serving is 7 different capsules, that might sound a lot but it means that if you think you have had to much caffeine you can take out the caffeine tablet from the serving and still get the benefits of the other ingredients. I must say that it must be used along side a good diet and workout regimin.
  • CLA - Optimum Nutrition CLA. CLA studies show that CLA may help you to increase your metabolic rate and to to enhance muscle growth, which is a win/win in my book. Again, Optimum Nutrition is my go to brand. I have tried other brands but i feel i got the best results when i took this product.
  • Pre-Workout  - Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre. Although not necessarily a weight loss product, it has helped me to get through some tough gym sessions, where i have felt depleted and had no energy due to restricted calories. The twisted apple tastes great, also it has a nice peppery kick to it, which i didn't think i would like the first time i tried it.

If i find any more products that i find useful for weight loss and fat burning i will update the post for you. In the mean time let me know what products you use for cutting weight in the comments section.Image credit - Tomos

Posted on March 27, 2015 .