An insider tip on how to boost your protein intake

Here is a genius way of getting more protein in to your diet. Muscle Egg + coffee = awesome tasting muscle gains. Take a look at the vid and check out how it's done.

Really simple and easy to make, you could have this before your workout to get a caffeine boost for your gym session and to also get your pre-workout meal in to help fuel your workout. For more Muscle Egg recipes check out Easy to make bodybuilding protein pancake

Why use Muscle Egg?

As i have said in a previous article egg protein is one of the best proteins to consume as they have a wide spectrum of amino acids and they are absorbed quickly into the body, meaning you can build muscle more quickly and recover faster from your workouts. This is where Muscle Egg steps in, Muscle egg is great as it saves time from seperating each egg white individually, and stopping you from spilling the yolk which you don't want into your drink. Plus it already comes flavoured, so it tatses great. Muscle Egg is a little pricey but when it comes down to quality nutrition, you get what you pay for, so if you buy cheaper products your results may suffer. Egg whites are a staple of mine and i would rather spend a little more and know that i am buying a quality product. Any way this is a great recipe, try it out and let m know what you think.

Posted on April 4, 2015 and filed under Body building, Body building supplements, Body building tips.