How to get your workout supplements the next day without constantly paying for special delivery

Hi folks,

Quick post here about Amazon Prime Membership. I always order my supplememts and gym gear from amazon. I have a Prime acount which means i get FREE next day delivery on a lot of items, this alone has saved me a ton of money. The more money i save, means the more money i can spend on top quality food and supplements.

I am also impatient i can't wait for standard delivery :)

One of my clients asked if i could take him for a boxing session, which i am trained for. The only downside was i didnt have any focus pads or gloves. The quick fix came, as amazon prime saved my and got me the items i needed the very next day, so i could get in my session with my client.

  • I am always pleased with there service.
  • Delivery is always on time.
  • I have never had a problem with a package, i.e damaged goods.
  • excellent custom service.
  • On top of that ou get Prime movies and TV shows for free, which was an aded bonus because all i wanted was to get y gloves and focus pads.

The only downside is after the one month trial you do a have to pay one lump sum but in my eyes it was totally worth it as i have saved that amount of moeny on all the next day deliveries i have had.

image credit  -Noddle and Beed

Posted on April 4, 2015 and filed under Body building supplements, Body building tips.