14 Top tips to effective weight loss

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I wanted to share with you my insights on effective weight loss methods and yo-yo dieting. Breaking the yo-yo diet habit and creating a solid and healthy weight loss routine will let you create a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix to weight loss that will not last.

The Yo-Yo dieting cycle

A lot of diets out there fail to consider the main factor, why people have put on weight in the first place. Most diets or treatments, treat the effects of poor lifestyles and diet rather than the cause.

Being on a diet suggests that at some pont in time you are going to stop being on the diet. Some people are permanently on one diet,losing weight, they stop,put weight on again and start the diet process over again. This vicious circle is called the yo-yo diet effect. It is an un-healthy cycle that millions of people around the globe need to stop.

The results of such a diet cycle is that the person could of tried multiple diets, gain a stone or 2 in weight, increased their body fat levels, yet they still feel like they have been on a diet for years. It is a depressing cycle which we need to overcome, as "fad" diets do not work.

If you are going to start a new diet, you may want to consider these points before starting:

  1. Do they consider the individuals lifestyle?
  2. Do they set long term plans for both diet and exercise?
  3. Does it even include exercise?
  4. Does the diet  provide you with enough energy to meet your minimum requirements?
  5. They include all the macronutrients/food groups?

If you can say you answered no to one of these questions then it is not a balanced eating plan, which will help you to create a long term healthy lifestyle change.

14 Tips for effective weight loss

  1. keep a food dieary, this will help you to track what you are eating and to see if you are over eating.
  2. set realistic goals. An avergae guideline for losing weight is to drop 1lb of fat a week. This is done by being in a calorie defecit of 3500 calories a week or 500 calories a day.
  3. to be in a 500 calorie deficit you can consume 250 fewer calories a dy and burn 250 calories through activity
  4. do not consume fewer calories than your BMR, as this may put your body into starvation mode.
  5. decrease the "bad" saturated fat and hydrogenated fats. This can be done bu trimming the fat off your meat, no cream and mayonnaise. This is a great place to start, as it will create a clorie defecit and encourage you to eat healthier.
  6. Eat high fibre, low GI carbohydrates as this will help regulate your appetite, help to delay hunger, because of the constant release of energy it provides and a smaller insulin response. Fibre is great for filling up your stomach whilst being low in calories due to their bulk.
  7. Get active, exercise and have fun to burn off those extra calories.
  8. make gradual changes to your eating plan and lifestyle.
  9. eat a well balanced diet
  10. do not skip meals or go hungry
  11. be prepared for bumps in the road.
  12. Use weight training
  13. Be patient
  14. Develope good eating habits and change your basic diet to achieve a sustainable and healthy bodyweight long term.

There you go, my top 14 tips to effective weight loss. Try implementing them in to your own lifestyle and watch the weight drop of for good.

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Posted on March 20, 2015 .