I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your HEALTH AND FITNESS needs. I’ll add to it as the website grows, but you’ll notice that in the future I will reference this page quite often. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I use all of the products listed below and recommend them because they are companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed below!

My Most Recommended

If you look at nothing else on this page, these are the four that you should know about. I find myself recommending these resources again and again, in emails and on podcasts. I use them because they make my life easier, and I’m confident you’ll agree too.

Building strength and mass

General well being and recovery

Pre-workout and focus

Fat loss programmes/tools

Xtreme Fat loss diet

The man who created the programme is called Joel Marion. He is a nutritional and fitness expert and has been regarded as one of america's top personal trainers by Men's Fitness Magazine.

The Xtreme Fat loss diet is a proven and successful programme but it is not a magic pill type of programme that works over night, howerver if you can wait 25 days , you can get some great results. This is an intelligent approach to resolving a coomon problem with many individuals that have an excessive amount of body fat.

The programme is an exercise and nutrition strategy, which is aimed at losing body fat whilst promoting lean muscle gain simultaneously. As i said beore it is a 25 day programme, which can be repeated as many times you want. The 25 day programme is split into 5 cycle days. For each of the 5 days in the cycle there will be a different workout and nutrition strategy to follow. Joel Marion configured the structure of the days in the cycle through the outcome of a comprehensive study.

The exercise routines focus on dynamic exercises, lactic acid exercise routines, strength training and density exercises. The nutrition techniques work with the exercise programming to speed up fat burning levels as well as delivering speedy results. The 5 day cycle consists of average carb days, protein exhaustion, cheat days and so on. You should follow the programme to the letter to obtain th best results.

You might be wondering how much time will it take before you see results? The product requires just 25 days to drop as much as 25lbs of body fat. You should also be warned that extreme cutbacks on calorie intake whilst doing the programme is frowned upon as it promotes crash dieting, yo-yo dieting and reducing fat loss as your body will cling to whatever fat it has as a survival mechanism.

Joel Marion provides us with his soulution to fat loss via the outcome of a study of 878 research papers about weight reduction and also worked with over 750 people. Joel has pointed out that there is a huge distinction between weight loss and fat loss because many people may reduce the pounds quickly, however the final results will only be a drop in water, significant muscle reduction ( which is bad because muscle burns more calories than fat) and a little bit of fat loss. Crash dieting is extremely harmful to your metabolic process, and after you have finished your crash diet, resuming your regular consuming of foods, weight gain will occur quite fast. The Xtreme Fat loss diet has a structured diet plan which consists of proper eating days where they will put the diet plan on the shelf, and will focus on exercise and nutrition timing.

The Xtreme Fat loss Diet is a programme designed from scientificly researched information, which is designed to help you lose body fat, promote weight loss and to preserve or add lean muscle mass in 25 days. A vast amount of people have used this particular programme and been very successful because Joel Marion's strategy does work.


Body building programmes/tools

Ben Pakulski MI-40

Benjamin "Ben" Pakulski - nicknamed the Pak-Man, is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and winner of the 2008 Mr. Canada competition. In the IFBB, he finished 2nd twice in 2008. He has increased his standing in the Arnold Classic competition, placing 2nd in 2013, after a 4th place finish in 2012 and a 10th place finish in 2011. In the 2012 Mr. Olympia contest, his first-ever, he finished 11th.

Ben pakulski is one of my favourite bodybuilders, i love his scientific approach to his training and he is always applying scientifically researched methods to improve his own physique during his career as an IFBB professional bodybuilder. He has degrees in kenisiology and biomechanics, the man really knows how muscles work.

The MI40 typical 40day  training programme consists of effective resistance workouts that contains from six to nine exercises and takes about 40 minutes to be completed. The rest between sets is also very short, but this has shown to generate higher growth hormone and IGF-1 in the bloodstream after workouts, which will promote muscle growth/hypertrophy.

Time under tension is key for Ben Pakulski and he uses it to great effect. Ben says  - "The longer you can keep tension directly on a muscle, the more you control the rate at which that muscle grows." This is a method i use with my clients and also for myself and it works very well.

The programme package provides not only on training and nutritional manuals, but also on eight hours of demonstration videos that show you how to properly carry out every exercise in the workout.

If you are looking to add muscle and burn fat, this programme is definetly recommended.

Image credit - Arya Ziai

Image credit - Arya Ziai